Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh my goodness

I can't believe she's almost three months now! I'm sure I'll be saying that for years to come though. I know I've slacked big time I'm keeping everyone up to date but we've been busy. (Not a good excuse huh) Well of course she's doubled her weight, sleeps less, and moved from her bassinet to out bed and back again. Not that I dont' thoroughly enjoy co-sleeping but I figure that when I start classes again next semester she's not going to enjoy my late night studying while she's trying to get some shut-eye. So once they're in your bed its hard to get them out. She fooled us for about a week..ya know she'd take her bath, eat, and them slept through night wonderfully with one feeding...then POW! She's back with vengeance. Screaming for at least an hour or two before pretending to be asleep until you lay her down. So then we try it again and again until I cave in the need for sleep and let her in my bed. But no, I haven't given up. (I'm stubborn too) We're still breastfeeding and loving it. We had a slight hiccup when she was spitting up monstrous amounts of milk, but its over for now and we're both happy. Any-who... I've got tons of picture so I'm currently working on getting them all up here hopefully sometime soon.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The time has come..I've got to go back to work. Next Monday to be exact. I am dreading it. I do miss all the kids at work, but I'm going to miss our days together. Daddy gets her during the day now. Hmm lets see how this goes. I guess realistically I wasn't that great of a stay at home mom either (we didn't get much done during the day other than meals and a load of laundry). Either way this first week is going to be rough, not only am I going to feel as though a part of me is missing (as corny as it sounds) I hope pumping during the day instead of breastfeeding isn't going to effect my milk supply. Oh yea, these past six weeks momma's become a milking machine. I've got a freezer full to prove it. There's so much milk that Andrew has threatened to start cooking with it.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Ok just to make myself feel better about the cookie disaster (oh yea they never did turn out right) I had to let everyone know that yes I actually made dinner the other night. Miss Paula Dean's lasagna. And yes, it turned out perfectly. I strapped that baby on my chest and she slept through the whole process. The whole hour and a half it took to make. I had forgotten what a process it was to make. Anyways, it was a good recipe except that it called for seven, yes seven, different cheeses. No butter though, odd. In the future I would leave out the Greyere, because after adding swiss it was a little redundant. Also as I crumbled up an entire stick of cream cheese I realized how ridiculously unhealthy this was, so yes I'd leave that out too or at least cut it in half. And finally, it needed sausage, not just ground beef. I'll try and put up a link to the recipe if anyone is interested.

Yesterday, Madelin and I went to my Uncle and Aunt's for dinner and swimming. Sadly, daddy had to work and missed the fun. She was an perfect all day, and I'm not being sarcastic. She also had her first dip in the pool. Luckily, she loved the water. So as embarrassed as I was to get in with my cheap, mismatched, and hopefully temporary swimsuit it turned out to be a lot of fun.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No Susie homemaker

It had been good day, some might even call it productive. Lots of eating, sleeping, and pooping (Madelin, not me) with bouts of pumping here and there. The house got cleaned, laundry was finished and errands ran. I figured it was safe to start making the cookies I told Andrew I'd make him, um last week. I'm a little ashamed (wait, no I'm not) that its taken a week to make cookies you don't even have to bake. There's only like 6 ingredients for goodness-sakes. What a disaster. It started out all well and good; ingredients out, baby in her carrier watching from a safe distance. Right about the time my sugar and butter started boiling, the dogs started barking like crazy, the baby was screaming and it inevitably boiled over causing a burning smoking mess. In a effort to save the cookies, I shove the dogs outside, put Madelin in her swing all while swinging a pot of boiling sugar in the one hand. Not my brightest idea. Luckily, I managed to get oats and PB mixed in before the baby started screaming again. Forty-five minutes later the cookies finally reached the wax paper. Needless to say, the kitchen is not getting cleaned tonight. Lets hope I get a little better at juggling tasks, otherwise we may be limited to leftovers for awhile.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Its exactly as they say it is

The first two weeks were nice and quiet. Then came week three; the week I decided it was time to actually get stuff done. What exactly do I have planned you ask? Well, nothing as of yet because Madelin decided that momma's not going to get any sleep, not unless its between the hours of 4am and 8 am. Then her and I precede to spend a good portion of the morning in bed to make up for the lost sleep. When I feel as rested as I'm going to, I get up and get in the shower as quickly as possible while Andrew is still home otherwise I either don't get one or it doesn't happen till around 3. So needless to say, getting the "to do" list done is very slow going. Not that I'm complaining. I love staying home with our darling. I'm just looking forward to the time when she sleeps more at night than she does during the day.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sleepless Nights and spicy food

So I thought eating while pregnant was a pain. Well, eating while nursing may turn out to be worse. I have (had) a slight addiction to caffeine. They say its alright to have the equivalent to three cups of coffee a day, but after a couple nights up till 4 I'm terrified that me drinking a coke is going to make her be up all night. I'm still wondering if I can enjoy real sushi, so if someone knows the answer to that please let me know. Anyways, so when I made dinner for the first time in, oh I don't know, to two weeks it never occurred to me that spicy food was a no-no. I learned that over and over and over as Madelin fed that night. It was as if I was trying to poison her as she would shake her head back and forth as if to tell me "Noo Mom! I'm only eating this cus I have to." Unfortunately, I mindlessly order the curry tonight, so I'm sure we're in for another late night/early morning.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Madelin's Arrival

Well, just as we had started losing hope of her getting here by her due date (May 30th) good signs started showing up. All weekend I'd been having bad but still irregular contractions. On Sunday they started getting pretty awful. So bad in fact that I needed a little emotional support. This is where mom and dad come in. For a couple hours they join me in some "tv watching" and contraction timing. After a couple of hours without any progress my dad suggests a walk. Usually I would have been up for a walk, but not this time. He managed to get me out for a short half block walk before I was ready to turn back.
As soon as we get back I feel something very, well, uncomfortable. Come to find out later this was my water breaking. So off the the hospital we went. Three painful hours later, I got my epidural. Oh, the wonderful epidural. I was able to get a long nap in at this point. Apparently, I was the only one that was able to sleep that night. When the nurse woke me up for the last time I was dialated all the way to 10. So much for that painful transition stage. (Thanks again to the nurse-anesthetist) Since I was fully dilated they told me to labor down for an hour to see how much progress could be made. After that hour, I was able to start "practice" pushing. After 15 minutes, however, I was told to stop or the doctor wouldn't make it. So, another 15 minutes later the doctor shows up, and one big push later, Madelin shows up! And through all this Andrew was right there beside me. I had the best labor experience, didn't feel a thing after my block, and will probably pay for it with my next pregnancies I'm sure.